Grain-Fed Pemmican Brick:<BR>
Grain-Fed Pemmican Brick:<BR>
Grain-Fed Pemmican Brick:<BR>
Grain-Fed Pemmican Brick:<BR>

The Grain-Fed Pemmican Brick:
"Three Days"


Meet the grain-fed beef cousin of our fan favorite Pemmican Bar (which is traditionally made with grass-fed beef). This is an experimental batch that turned out delicious - so the packaging will look different from our grass-fed Pemmicans. The different fat source leads to a softer luscious texture... 

As the old saying goes: "A brick a day feeds a family of three.

Oh, that's not the saying? Well, it would have been, if it had been about our Pemmican Brick.


🧱 Why choose our "Three Day" Bricks?

We named this the "Three Day" Pemmican brick because just one of these bricks contains enough energy to fuel three full, active days in the wild.


🚨 The Ultimate Survival Food

These Pemmican bricks are the perfect cornerstone for a survival food stash that will empower you to thrive, in any situation. 

Power outage? Evacuation order? Civilizational collapse? No worries.

No matter what, you can rely on these bricks. This is complete, delicious nourishment, with no cooking required. Best of all, Pemmican is well-known to have an epic shelf-life: these bricks could feed your great-grandchildren.


🏔 Adventure Power

There's nothing like a good 3-day backcountry trip to clear your mind. This brick makes trips like that even simpler: just bring one brick and eat 1/3 of it, per day.

No stove required. Minimal trash. Strong, steady energy to fuel your mountain mileage. 

Perfect for outdoor activities of any kind: hiking, hunting, biking, paddling, climbing, or exploring. 


🐂 All-Natural Quality

Our simple, traditional recipe contains pure beef and tallow.

We use ZERO preservatives or artificial ingredients. 💯% pure, clean energy.

We only use pure grain-fed beef from Oregon.


💪 Pemmican Brick stats:

One Steadfast Pemmican Brick has:

  • Over 6,000 calories.
  • 510 grams of fat, 340 grams of protein
  • A total weight of 2 pounds, 2 oz.
  • A shelf life of Decades**.
Stack Pemmican Bricks in your pantry today - be ready for anything, for years to come.

*Note: we now use a nitrogen-seal, instead of a vacuum seal, for some of our bars and bricks. This is equally powerful for preservation, but better-looking and less fragile (just like you).*

**This has not been proven to the FDA/USDA, and is based on extensive historical testimony and research. Currently the USDA guarantees two years of shelf-stability, though this is extremely conservative. Proving this beyond any reasonable doubt will take... a century. We're working on it, so stay tuned!

Seasoned version: Dried Pasture Beef, Rendered Pasture Beef Tallow, Honey, Salt, Granulated Onion, Granulated Garlic, Black Pepper.

Simply salted version: Dried Pasture Beef, Rendered Pasture Beef Tallow, Salt.

Unseasoned version: Dried Pasture Beef, Rendered Pasture Beef Tallow.

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