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Pemmican Spread -
Pemmican Spread -
Pemmican Spread -
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Pemmican Spread - "Bacon in a Bag"


Steady energy has never tasted so luscious and rich.


  • Over 900 calories of protein and fat per 5-oz. pack
  • Modern twist on a simple traditional recipe with ZERO preservatives
  • Made with 100% pasture-raised beef and pork lard.

What if we put everything you love about bacon, in a nonperishable, portable spread?

That's an idea so wild (hog-wild), we had to try it, and our taste buds were overjoyed. This pemmican has lard, instead of tallow, and the results are delectable (it's not technically bacon).

Spread this goodness on some toast, add it to a soup, pasta, or rice and beans... or just do like we do and spoon it straight out of the package.

Lard has a few key differences from tallow: With less saturated fat, lard is softer at room temperature. And to us, it tastes even better than tallow (don't get us wrong, we love tallow). Because all of our lard comes from pasture-raised, outdoor-living hogs at Red Bird Acres farm, it is chock-full of Vitamin D.

NOTE: sometimes the luscious lard may separate a bit, as can be seen on the right edge of the product photo. It's easy to mix it back in, and the extra lardy bites are our favorites.

Dried Pasture Beef, Rendered Pasture Pork Lard, Honey, Salt, Granulated Onion, Granulated Garlic, Black Pepper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Delicious real food

So thankful for Steadfast Provisions - purchased for long term storage and used for stocking stuffers. Turns out these have been a true lifesaver this week during the wild CA storms as so many of our loved ones who received them ended up using them during evacuation as well as for the energy to do the hard labor of diverting water off the roads and away from their neighbor’s homes.

Thank you, Mericos!

David Stettler
I like it!

I've had my eye out for pemmican made close as possible to the old way. Other brands need refrigeration or aren't very appetizing - one looks (but doesn't taste) like a choclote bar. Doesn't seem natural. I can feel the benefits of the no carb lifestyle and I like having a long life food reserve that doesn't need refrigeration, and doesn't have all the carbs and artifical ingrediants of freeze dried camping food.

Great on a pumpernickel bagel!

No time for grocery shopping but this was great on a bagel on the way to work!

Emery Rhodes

I have tried the pemmican and found it to be tasty and very sustaining. A few bites is like a condensed meal. It keeps, it’s packed with energy and it’s perfect for traveling lite. Good stuff!

Bacon in a Bag

The taste and texture were excellent. It kept well outside the refrigerator. I was a little disappointed that it didn't smell like bacon even when mixed into hot food. Smell is important to me.

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