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Pemmican Snack Sticks
Pemmican Snack Sticks
Pemmican Snack Sticks
Pemmican Snack Sticks
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Pemmican Snack Sticks


A snack more satisfying and nourishing than most meals. 

  • Delicious, juicy, succulent
  • Zero nitrites, uncured meat
  • Rich in healthy animal fat and protein

We've upped the ante of your favorite meat snack stick, blending rich pasture fat with protein-packed beef in a natural collagen casing. An innovative blend of spices (very mild), combined with the high fat content, means we don't need to use any preservatives. 

These are the ultimate keto, carnivore, all-natural meat sticks for modern adventurers. 

"These are like what I've always wanted Slim Jims to be." -Colin F, chill mountain guy.

Salt, Pepper, Meat, Honey

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Watson
Amazingly Satisfying Snack

I will definitely be ordering these again.

Well worth the price, Awesome for outside can't get to a restaurant no-cook meals.

Worked out (for me) to be awesome for eating a more complete no cook meal for when out on the range / trail in place of my more normal lunch break meal of peanut butter, protein bars. string cheese sticks and Ensure drinks.
These are very well packaged - Vacuum packed heavy duty foil with a clear view of the product.
At room temperature. they are like high quality beef sticks but more greasy. It's a "good grease" taste that may take a little getting used to. I love them, my wife took one bite and handed the one I gave her back to me. So buy a small amount to try out first.
You get 6 Pemmican snack sticks in a package. I ate 3 snack sticks along with 3 pieces of string cheese sticks which pairs together perfectly and makes for a big lunch or a light dinner. Drink with at least 10 ounces of water.

Pleasantly Suprised

These tasted great! (tastes similar to sausage links, kind of like sausage jerky, except more juicy) and were super satiating. In hot texas heat they get greasy, but thats not a con in my book. A little bit goes a long way. I have been doing keto for a year and only 2 of these hit heavy (without the stuffed or bogged down feeling) and lasted for about 4-6 hours with zero hunger which is perfect (mileage may vary). Going to try to make these my go-to for a quick snack when I'm on the go.

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