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Pemmican-Making Tips from Steadfast Provisions

Pemmican-Making Tips from Steadfast Provisions

We've learned a thing or two about how to make pemmican. In this post we'll share a bit of this knowledge.

Congratulations – you’re going to make some pemmican. This is awesome. Here are some basic tips gleaned from months of experimentation about making the best pemmican we possibly could. It is organized in three categories: the meat, the fat, and the pemmican.

by Steadfast Provisions on August 21, 2022
The One Food To Rule Them All

The One Food To Rule Them All

There is a quiet storm wreaking havoc in the world...
by Steadfast Provisions on July 15, 2022


Welcome to the Steadfast Journal: Here be Tales of adventure, exhortations to eat good fat, celebrations of pasture bounty, and insider esoterica regarding pemmican, the eternal food.

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