How to Eat Pemmican - FAQ

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Imagine a cheeseburger, with no bun, concentrated, and portable.
That's what Steadfast pemmican tastes like, according to our fans (even one vegetarian). It's delicious...

To us, at least.

But we have to tell you: Pemmican is NOT for everybody. 

Because of the dried meat and the rendered fat that makes it up, pemmican is highly concentrated, and is therefore very rich. Very little pemmican goes a very long way. That's exactly what we love about it - that's why Admiral Robert Peary relied on it for his arctic voyages.

Admiral Peary had impeccable taste in both coats and food.


Pemmican IS:

  • Savory, rich, unctuous.
  • A perfect addition to a backpacking or camping meal, adding thickness, richness, and depth. 
  • A convenient, easy snack that provides hours of energy in seconds.
  • Ready for anything, anywhere.
  • For the valiant.

Pemmican IS NOT:

  • Sweet.
  • Spicy.
  • For low-fat dieters.

Simply put, pemmican is unlike any other food.

(In fact, the word 'pemmican' has an official alternative meaning, as a verb: to 'pemmicanize' something is to concentrate it to its most essential form. The best poetry 'pemmicanizes' a feeling or concept in a way that moves you.)

If pemmican were a painting, it'd probably look like this. The essence of prairie life.

 And Steadfast pemmican literally 'pemmicanizes' the bounty of lush grass growing in healthy pastures. 

So what does this mean for the immediate experience of eating pemmican? Well, here are nine "pemmicanized" pieces of wisdom, for those of you who want to experience steady energy, fast: 


  1. Eat it slowly. A single large bite of pemmican can contain 100+ calories. A six-ounce pemmican bar contains about 1,000 calories. This will be confusing for your body, becuase:
  2. You won't feel it in your stomach. You know when you eat a big burrito, 800-900 calories, and it feels like there's a football inflating in your gut? Well, eating 800 calories of pemmican has the opposite effect. You probably won't even notice anything in there, it's so small. 
  3. Drink water with it. The meat in pemmican is very dry, in order to promote infinite shelf-stability. This means that it will absorb any water in your stomach, so you need to add some more water in, to stay hydrated. 
  4. Savor the tallow. Room-temperature tallow is pretty solid, and as it melts in your mouth, it can tend to coat the roof of your mouth and your teeth with a waxy feeling. Don't worry about this. It will all eventually melt down and you'll swallow it. Plus, it's good for you.
  5. Mix it in with soups, pastas, rice and beans... anything that could use some meat and fat for richness and protein. IF you got pemmican spread (we like to call it "bacon in a bag" even though it's not technically bacon), then you can do all the above OR spread it on toast... Yum.
  6. If you plan to live on pemmican alone... be prepared to go into ketosis. Pemmican contains lots of healthy fat, and therefore supports ketogenic diet. If you've never practiced a ketogenic diet before, you should do some research about how to thrive! 
  7. Enjoy the fat. Our ancestors in North American got up to 40% of their calories from saturated animal fat, in the forms of butter, cream, lard, and tallow. They were free from obesity and heart disease. Remember, saturated animal fat is good for you! So treat pemmican like a health food, because it is. 
  8. Share it with kids. In our experience, little kids love pemmican. They instinctively know they want good saturated fat.

For some folks, pemmican can be an acquired taste.

They're not used to taking in fat in such quantity. That's okay. In our professional opinion, it's a taste that's well-worth acquiring, because it will take you far. Furthermore, it's a taste that you never stop acquiring. The more pemmican we eat, the more we like it.

So if you're up to enrich your life with healthy fat and pasture protein, get some Steadfast pemmican in your life. 


Steadfast Pemmican FAQ:

  • How long does this pemmican last?

Officially, the USDA rating for our pemmican is two years of shelf-stability. Based on our production process and anecdotal records of high-quality pemmican, it will probably be shelf-stable for decades. We have a piece set aside, unsealed, at room temperature, and it hasn't degraded or changed at all, in nine months (and counting). 

Refrigerated and sealed, it should keep indefinitely. Frozen, similar. But we can’t yet make guarantees. 
  • What if the pemmican package seal is broken?

This should be fine - just keep it dry and dark. 


  • What if the pemmican fat melts? 

No worries. Historically, pemmican was eaten during summer journeys in the hot northern plains, and the fat would always be liquid. It doesn't harm the quality of the product at all, and will re-solidify in cooler temperatures.


  • What type of meat and fat do we use? 

All pasture-raised, sourced from humane family farms, which you can meet here.

The meat in our pemmican comes from lean cuts of beef. The tallow in our bars comes from kidney fat of pasture-raised cattle, while the lard in our pemmican spread comes from pasture-raised hogs. 

Learn why we use pasture-raised meat here.

Shop our Pemmican products today.

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