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Keto Snack, Meal, or Gift

Achieving the best ketogenic diet depends on eating the highest-quality fat - such as pasture-raised beef tallow.

Steadfast Provisions pasture pemmican is a perfect convenient snack or meal substitute to thrive in ketosis, guaranteed!

Always Ready,


On a mountaintop. 

At the beach.

On your way out the door, to pick up the kids...

Steadfast pemmican keeps for years at room temperature, so it's always ready to go, anywhere you need a boost of good fat.

Nature's Perfect Cooking Oil:

Beef Tallow

THIS is how you ditch industrial seed oils.

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Not All Fat Is Created Equal...

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The Real Skinny on Good Fat

Like many in my generation (I was born in 1991), I thought dietary fat intake led to body fat increase. I was the kind of guy who used to sponge the grease off my pizza with a paper towel.

Nowadays, I usually get half of my calories from saturated fat, and I’ve experienced health benefits so profound that they inspired me to start a business producing saturated fat...