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Pasture Beef Tallow
Pasture Beef Tallow
Pasture Beef Tallow
Sold Out

Pasture Beef Tallow


The best traditional oil for frying or broiling. 
THIS is how you ditch industrial seed oils.

  • Rich flavor
  • Deep nutrition
  • High smoke point
  • Traditionally Rendered

Steadfast Beef tallow comes from healthy, pasture-raised cattle, so you know it contains nothing but clean-burning fats.

This tallow is made from "Leaf" fat, the fat that protects the kidneys and other essential organs in cattle. The fat actually serves a similar protective function in many human cells, reducing inflammation and oxidization. This is why our ancestors prized animal fat, before the advent of heart disease and cancer. 

Fry with tallow and experience better health and richer food!

Pure Rendered Beef Fat.

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