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Pemmican Bar:<BR>
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Pemmican Bar:
"Three Hours"

Steady energy so powerful, you have to taste it to believe it.

This authentic Pemmican empowers you to perform at your peak, no matter the conditions. This is the one complete natural food that's always ready, anywhere.

And now, it comes in a meal-size bar.

(*Please note - our beautiful new packaging requires a bit of finesse to open, because our sealer didn't agree with the tear notch. Scissors make it easy.*) 


Why Buy our Pemmican Bars?

We call this the "Three Hours" Bar, because each of these bars contains over 750 calories, to fuel at least three hours of work or adventure. Ascend new heights with pure pasture protein and fat.

Three Hours Bar facts:
🥩 Over 750 calories, including 40g protein and 60g fat.
🏔 Nutrient-Dense adventure or survival food, reliable anytime, anywhere.
💪 Stays fresh for decades**, with zero preservatives



The Steadfast Difference

This Pemmican is prepared according to the "Fine-Grade" standards of the 19th-century fur trappers, who thrived in the wilds of the Great Northwest.

🐂 All of our dried beef and fat comes from 100% grass-fed cattle from family-owned ranches in Oregon. 



Who's it For?

🏕 Campers, hikers, backpackers, bikers, hunters, firefighters, explorers.

🆘 Anybody who wants to prepare a nutrient-dense food stash for survival situations.

🧈 Keto / Carnivore Diet enthusiasts who want a tasty, natural, ready-to-eat option.

🧐 Any adventurous person who wants to try new, unique, powerful foods.


Three options available: 
•Salted - just dried beef, rendered tallow, and salt.
•Seasoned - with salt, pepper, onion, garlic, and a touch of honey. Tasty flavor.
•Unseasoned - simply dried beef mixed with rendered tallow. Good for pure  carnivore diets.

*Note: we now use a nitrogen-seal, instead of a vacuum seal, for our bars and bricks. This is equally powerful for preservation, but better-looking and less fragile (just like you).*

**This has not been proven to the FDA/USDA, and is based on extensive historical testimony and research. Currently the USDA guarantees two years of shelf-stability, though this is extremely conservative. Proving this beyond any reasonable doubt will take... a century. We're working on it, so stay tuned!

Seasoned version: Dried Pasture Beef, Rendered Pasture Beef Tallow, Honey, Salt, Granulated Onion, Granulated Garlic, Black Pepper. Simply Salted version: Dried Pasture Beef, Rendered Pasture Beef Tallow, Salt. Unseasoned version: Dried Pasture Beef, Rendered Pasture Beef Tallow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Alex J
Tastes like bacon

I got the seasoned one. Overall solid, crumbly, reminds me of bacon bits. I will admit it doesn't help sate my hunger much, as I was hungrier than usual after having it to replace my lunch. But it was easy to eat, easily transportable, and solid nutrition. What more could you ask for?

Dustin Rech
Really Tasty

I have to admit I'm not used to pemmican so after the first couple of bites I didn't know if I could get eat the whole bar. But halfway through something flipped in my mind and I found myself really enjoying it. I'm not sure why but maybe my body realized it needed this nutrition so hit the 'desire' button?

I tried another commercial bar and there was no meat flavor at all, just a hunk of fat. This bar isn't like that. This tastes like a cross between hamburger and beef jerky.

Definitely getting more.

Derrick Lytle
The best bar out there

Better than fast food. Better than a fake protein bar. When traveling, hiking, bike packing etc, these are the absolute best. Will continue to buy.

Dan Nieisng
Strictly Survival Food

I frequently thought about making pemmican for possible use in conjunction with hiking and camping. Thought I should buy some to try before going to the time and expense of the doing so. So glad I did! YUK! Two nibbles is all I could take. The texture, the taste, all yuk. No doubt it is packed with nutritious energy, but I would surely need to be in a survival situation to eat this.

Mr. P
High Quality

1st time eating pemmican. The ingredients are high quality. It came vacuum sealed and well-packaged. Curious to try the other products now. Great product. Thank you.

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