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Seven Bricks Pemmican Bucket:
"Three Weeks"

🪣 The "Immortal Steak" just got even immortal-er. 🪣

Your emergency stash of nourishing food needs to last for decades. Pemmican keeps that long, but packaging might not. So we stuck it in a bucket. Sealed with a gasket, that packaging should stay cozy and intact for years and years.

Each bucket comes with a dehydrator packet and an oxygen grabber, which you can activate when you receive it. This will create a pristine environment that will preserve the Pemmican inside.


1️⃣ Bucket = 7️⃣ Bricks = 3️⃣ Weeks of Nourishment. 

Our flagship bucket comes full of seven seasoned Pemmican bricks - the ultimate in no-nonsense long-lasting protein and fat. Each brick packs over six-thousand calories, so this bucket contains over 42,000 calories of rich protein and fat


💪 Requires: 0️⃣ Cooking, 0️⃣ Refrigeration.
💯 Contains: 0️⃣ Carbohydrates
0️⃣ Preservatives.

When the grid is down, the last thing you want to do is need to cook food, especially if you're low on water. Pemmican is always ready, anywhere. 

Put steady energy, ready for years, in your pantry today. 


The Details:

-3.5-gallon BPA-free bucket with a screw-top, gasket-sealable red lid.
-Includes a large dehydrator packet and oxygen grabber, which you can open up before you seal the bucket.
-Please store in a cool, dark place.


Also available: 

-Bucket of Bars (40 Salted Pemmican Bars), and
-Empty Bucket (Fill it yourself).


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Kyle Nielson

I bought one bar several days before buying the bucket and it was amazing. Great packaging and an exceptional taste.
I bought the bucket containing 40 bars and it is perfect for stocking up some food for whenever things unexpectedly happen.

The only issue I had was that 40 bars doesn’t actually fit inside the bucket, so it arrived opened with several bars loose. Not a major issue but I need to get another container to store those in….before I eat them! Definitely recommend!

Thank you for your review, Kyle! And thanks for the heads up, regarding the 40 bars in a bucket... Maybe we'll reduce it to 36 bars, moving forward!

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