Get Keto Right, Naturally.

Did you know that the keto diet is actually an ancient tradition? 

Most people only trace the history to medical research in the 20th century, but the truth goes back much further than that. Several indigenous societies, are known to have lived keto lifestyles for all or part of the year, never consuming a single carb, never consuming any fiber, and thriving in good health. Examples include the Inuit (lived on seal, fish, and caribou) and the Cree (lived for much of the year on buffalo).

With pemmican, you now have a convenient way to emulate these traditional ketogenic practices. Bonus: It's also carnivore

In our research into traditional pemmican and animal fat consumption, we ran into a truth that indicts modern diets:

Not all fat is created equal.

So many keto or high-fat products contain fats, often derived from seeds, that inflame the body. 

It turns out that the modern solution to this keto dilemma is ancient and traditional: Pasture-raised animal fat! That's where Pemmican comes in. You see, pemmican was keto before ketogenic diets even had a name! 

Steadfast Provisions gives you the opportunity to help revitalize a living tradition of good health, with keto, carnivore snacks, meals, adventure staples, and emergency food supplies. We provide everything you need to Be Strong in the Wild.

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