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Pemmican Brick - "Three Day"


As the old saying goes: "A brick a day feeds a family of three." 
Oh, that's not the saying? Well, it would have been, if it had been about our pemmican brick.

Steady energy so powerful, you have to taste it to believe it. 

  • Over 6,000 calories of protein and fat per 34-oz. pack
  • Simple traditional recipe with zero preservatives
  • Stays fresh for decades*
  • Made with 100% pasture-raised beef

We call this the "Three Day" Brick, because one of these bricks contain enough energy to fuel three full days of strenuous adventure. With over 6,000 calories of pure protein and pasture fat, a pemmican brick is the ultimate adventure cache, survival stash, and prepper emergency food stack. 

 * As long as the package stays closed, dry, and out of bright light. 

Dried Pasture Beef, Rendered Pasture Beef Tallow, honey, salt, onion powder, black pepper.

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