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Pemmican Bar - "Half-Day"


Steady energy so powerful, you have to taste it to believe it. 

  • Over 1,000 calories of protein and fat per 6-oz. pack
  • Simple traditional recipe with ZERO preservatives
  • Made with 100% pasture-raised beef.

We call this the "Half-Day" Bar, because two of these bars contain enough energy to fuel a full day of strenuous adventure. Ascend new heights with pure pasture protein and fat. This pemmican is prepared akin to the traditional "Fine-Grade" pemmican that gave 19th-century explorers, trappers, and hunters the strength to thrive in the wilds of the Great Northwest.

 "Like a concentrated, portable cheeseburger. Only better."
-Jenna W, wilderness enthusiast.

Dried Pasture Beef, Rendered Pasture Beef Tallow, honey, salt, onion powder, black pepper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Takes some getting used to (for me) but well worth it.

High quality vacuum packed foil wrap clear in the front that shows the product in a square durable plastic (or some such material) tray.
I put each one in a Quart size zip lock plastic bag to protect contents once foil pack is opened.
You can tell it's concentrated.
I found the texture of the beef bits to be a bit course and the fat to be noticeably waxy for my taste, but I think it's worth getting used to.
I can only eat a quarter of the 6 oz package at a time. I wouldn't want to eat more than one of these "half day" bars a day.
Daily recommended dietary allowance for 200 lb male seems to be around 3 oz Protein, so one 6 oz "half-day" Pemmican bar would seem to supply all the protein (and fat) that is required and more for a day on the range or trail.
Paired with string cheese this is great. Add dried fruit and nuts and perhaps some dark chocolate and that's about as good as it gets for a no cook meal that you can stop and pull out of your pack out on the trail without breaking out the stove and canteen cup or pot.
Need to drink along with water (I would say at least 8 ox for each quarter, to stay hydrated and to avoid the problems associated with eating high density low moisture food (like the famous military MREs) on the trail).

Tasted great! Pleasently Surprised

Honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I first ordered, haven't eaten alot of Pemmican in my day. But I was pleasantly surprised! Flavor is great, not overpowering, no lingering aftertaste (little bit of a waxy feel after eating but not enough to be bad). Texture is what you would expect from a concentrated food source, but goes down easy and is moist enough to be pleasant to eat. Little bit goes a LONG way, if you aren't used to eating fat, I would suggest only try a little at a time at first, give it a minute to hit your stomach. Overall I'm very pleased with it and plan on buying more!

Great stuff!

Tastes kinda like a burger patty or taco meat if you haven't eaten pemmican before. Haven't tried other pemmican to compare but loved it!

Now A Part Of My Diet

This product has changed how I approach nutrition and my eating routine. I use this product a few different ways:

- Eat a whole bar as a complete meal
- Eat bites throughout the day as a snack
- Eat to fortify my nutrition after eating an unhealthy meal

The beauty of this product too is that if you combine it with a carbohydrate like honey or fruit, you have a complete metabolic meal that will sustain you for the day.

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