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*New Pemmican*


The real deal Pemmican is BACK in stock, after 6 weeks sold out. These bricks and bars tend to go fast - because they last (almost) forever. We're drying and rendering more beef as we speak... but don't wait to get your survival or adventure stash today:


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*Pemmican War III*

In recent history, there have been three Pemmican Wars. The first one was fought over the Pemmican supplies for the Canadian fur trade. The second was about whether Pemmican would be used as a WW2 military ration (it should have been - in fact, some German units did use it). 


The third Pemmican war is happening right now:
-The U.S. beef herd is as small as it's been since 1962, with processors booked out 14 months. That has made the right beef harder to find - and so making top-quality Pemmican is harder to do.
-Meanwhile, the USDA banned us from using the word 'Pemmican' on our labels.


But we're winning these battles.

Here's the strong news: 

1) The USDA has now authorized us to put the word 'Pemmican' on our packaging. This means that we will have epic custom packaging very soon. We like being able to tell it like it is.
3) After a year of searching, sampling, and visiting, we've finally found a consistent local source of 100% grass-fed lean beef, the second-most important ingredient in our Pemmican (after the tallow, of course). 
Oreganic Beef Company is a certified organic, grass-fed family ranch out in Madras, Oregon. They've been focused on caring for their animals, their soil, and their beef for four generations. We love it. Check out Oreganic's site here.



The Ceciliani Family, of Oreganic Beef Co.
Well, that's all the updates you need, for today. We've got more irons in the fire and fat in the kettle - so stay tuned.

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Eat pemmican. Be strong in the wild.


MH Rhodes
OwnerSteadfast Provisions